Botox for Aging Prevention

It’s common knowledge that cosmetic injectables like Botox are a great anti-aging tool for folks who are experiencing saggy or drooping skin and facial features and lines and wrinkles.

But did you know that Botox is useful for younger people as a preventative wrinkle treatment? SculpMD Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Havertown, PA, provides Botox and other skin treatments for adults of all ages.

Early Aging Prevention

When you should start an age-prevention regime completely depends on you and your skin. Some people wait to start preventative treatments until their 30s or later, while others feel the need to get started in their 20s. The FDA has approved cosmetic Botox injections for adults starting at age 18.

Causes of Early Aging

The “early” in early aging depends on you and your history.

You might be showing signs of aging in your 20s or early 30s from sun damage, a poor diet, prescription medication, or genetics.

While Botox won’t fix skin damage from the sun, it can help treat wrinkles you’re genetically predisposed to.

Take a good look at some of the older folks you’re related to. Do they have any wrinkles in common? Your female relatives are more likely to notice their wrinkles than their male counterparts, so consider asking the women in your family when they first started noticing wrinkles.

How Botox Injectables Prevent Aging

To understand how Botox prevents aging, you should know how cosmetic injectables like Botox work in the first place.

Botox injections are formulated with a neurotoxin called botulinum, which is derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

The Discovery of Botox

Scientists have been experimenting with the botulinum toxin since the early 20th century. They knew it had paralyzing powers, and they wanted to figure out how to isolate and utilize those powers for therapeutic treatments.

In the 1970s, scientists were testing botulinum toxin on monkeys as a treatment for strabismus, or crossed eyes.

During their experiments, they noticed that the neurotoxin was reducing wrinkles in the monkeys’ glabellas (the skin above the nose between the eyebrows).

Almost two decades later, the FDA approved botulinum toxin for strabismus. It wasn’t until 2002, however, that the FDA approved Botox for frown lines.

How Botox Injectables Work as a Wrinkle Treatment

Botox treats your dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles happen from the muscles you utilize for natural movement for your expressions.

Take a look in the mirror. Experiment with smiling, frowning, pursing your lips, and making other expressions. Those lines and wrinkles you see are dynamic wrinkles.

When scientists were working on Botox as a cosmetic treatment, they engineered a way to purify the botulinum toxin so that when it’s injected in microdoses in a localized treatment site, the results are completely safe and effective.

Botox injectables weaken the injected muscles, which prevents them from moving, therefore smoothing your skin.

As a preventative treatment, cosmetic injectables can actually treat wrinkles before they emerge and settle. By weakening your wrinkle-causing muscles, you’re preventing wrinkles before they happen in the first place.

Botox slows down how much you’re using your wrinkle-causing facial muscles. This either prevents or delays the development of lines on your face.

What Botox Treats

Botox is used primarily in three areas:

  • Your forehead
  • Around your eyes
  • Around your mouth

Botox treats horizontal forehead lines and frown lines (glabella lines) in your forehead.

When injected around your eyes, Botox helps prevent crow’s feet and laugh lines.

Around your mouth, Botox can help with your nasolabial folds and mouth lines created from pursing your lips.

What to Expect at Your Botox Consultation

When you go in for a preventative Botox consultation, your provider will have you make a series of faces and expressions. This can feel somewhat silly, but there’s a method to the madness!

The goal is to evaluate the expressions you’re in the habit of making naturally and the degree of any lines or wrinkles already present.

After this evaluation, your provider will advise on a treatment plan suited specifically for you to help you reach your goals.

When You’ll See Results

If you’re getting Botox as a preventative wrinkle treatment, you may not notice drastic results. And that’s okay! Remember that preventative Botox is working to weaken your muscles to delay wrinkle onset and reduce your need for Botox as you age.

If you do have some noticeable lines and wrinkles already present, you’ll start to see results within a week or two as the muscles relax.

How Long Your Results Will Last

Your results will typically last around three to four months before you need a maintenance treatment. However, this is an extremely general estimate. We will tell you exactly when you should come in for maintenance injections in order to maintain your results.

Preventative Botox Treatments in Havertown PA

When getting Botox as a preventative measure, make sure you choose a provider who is a trained medical professional. SculpMD Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Havertown, PA, is the leading provider for preventative Botox treatments. 

Our team has decades of combined experience helping patients look and feel their best. Contact us today for a consultation to start your age-prevention journey.

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