, Emsculpt Neo

The One in Body Shaping: Less Fat. More Muscle. One Treatment.

, Emsculpt Neo

What is it?

EMSCULPT NEO® is a next-generation, FDA-cleared device that combines enhanced HIFEM+® (high intensity focused electromagnetic energy) with RF Energy (radiofrequency) technology. The HIFEM+ induces supramaximal muscle contractions forcing muscle tissue to adapt and respond to such extreme conditions with increase in muscle size and new muscle fiber growth. Synchronized RF heating causes thermal damage to subcutaneous fat cells stimulating them to go through a process called apoptosis, permanently removing the damaged fat cells.

, Emsculpt Neo
, Emsculpt Neo

What are the results?

As with every treatment, results can vary between patients. But studies have shown the following after four EMSCULPT NEO® treatments over ~ 4-weeks:

  • 25% average increase in muscle mass
  • 30% average fat reduction
  • Up to 6cm decrease in waistline circumference
  • 19% reduction in diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • 80% visible lifting effect of buttocks
, Emsculpt Neo

Am I a candidate?

Although there are few contraindications to treatment with EMSCULPT NEO®, patients with any of the following cannot be treated:

  • cardiac pacemakers & implanted defibrillators
  • implanted neurostimulators
  • electronic implants
  • metal implants
  • tattoos in the treatment area
  • pregnancy

We will review your medical history to see if you are a good candidate for EMSCULPT NEO® treatment.

At sculp|MD our body contouring packages go beyond just administering the treatment. Included with all EMSCULPT NEO Packages:

  • Four 30-minute treatments
  • Free personal training session
  • Referral to a registered dietitian
  • Follow up at 1-month and 2-months

Maintenance Basic:

Once a month 30 minute treatment per area (only available AFTER full treatment is completed in that area) billed quarterly.

Maintenance PLUS:

Twice a month 30 minute treatment per area (only available AFTER full treatment is completed in that area) + ONE 30-day unlimited group personal training pass; billed quarterly.

What to expect

With EMSCULPT NEO® there’s no downtime. Treatments for abs, buttocks, anterior, posterior, outer and inner thighs, biceps, triceps, and calf muscles. All treatments are 30 minutes. Patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately afterwards including driving, working, and exercising, although muscles targeted during EMSCULPT NEO® may feel a little sore after treatment. Patients should not expect immediate results, however. It takes time for muscles to adapt and undergo new muscle fiber growth and for fat cells to be metabolized and cleared by the body.

, Emsculpt Neo