Reducing Cellulite Treatment With Non-Surgical QWO

Jan 05, 2022

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Reducing Cellulite Treatment With Non-Surgical QWO

When you look in the mirror, does the cellulite in your buttocks stand out to you? Many people wish they could do something about this problematic area. Most try out new diets and exercise programs that promise a cellulite reduction but to no avail. 

If you want a non-surgical cellulite treatment that can yield actual results, turn to QWO (collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes). Cellulite treatment is making great advances with the invention of FDA-approved injectables like QWO. If you have been considering what you could do to improve this part of the body, it’s time to learn more about this treatment. 

Understanding Cellulite

Cellulite is a universal problem that affects men and women alike, although it’s more common in women. Anyone can develop cellulite in the buttocks, upper thighs, or other body areas regardless of their age. 

Cellulite is not necessarily a weight-related issue, either. Instead, it’s a sign of a larger skin structure issue, namely that your collagen production is starting to decrease. When this happens, fat pushes against the connective tissue beneath your skin and becomes more visible. The most common symptom of cellulite is dimpling in the affected area. Some people also compare cellulite to “bumpy” skin.

How Does QWO Work?

QWO is an effective cellulite treatment that is approved by the FDA for moderate to severe cellulite in the buttock region. It can reduce the appearance of dimpling with long-lasting results. 

These injections are made primarily with collagenase, an enzyme that targets cellulite and releases the fibrous bands that cause dimpling associated with this condition. 

What Is the QWO Procedure Like? 

Most people getting ready for a cosmetic procedure want to know how the appointment will go. 

Knowing what to expect from your QWO procedure is important so that you can feel prepared when you walk through those medspa doors. Fortunately, this non-surgical treatment takes very little time and requires almost no downtime or recovery. 


During your appointment, we will go over the procedure with you and give you more information on the type of transformation you can expect after treatment. They will help you identify the proper treatment areas before administering the QWO injections. 

For the most part, these injections are given to moderate to severe areas of dimpling associated with cellulite. Patients with mild or minor cellulite are typically not candidates for this procedure. The enzymes in the QWO formula encourage new collagen to form in these areas and release the fibrous bands for more even distribution of fat cells. 


The actual injection portion of your session will take ten minutes or less. These injections will go directly into your buttocks where the doctor sees cellulite bumps or “dimples.” Once your session is over, you can return to regular activities immediately. Women aren’t required to take any downtime after receiving these injections. 

Who Should Use QWO?

Many people wonder whether they are good candidates for this type of non-surgical treatment. Understanding who the product is for can help you make the right decision. An initial consultation at our office will help determine if this treatment is right for you. QWO is the only FDA-approved injectable designed to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. 

There are a few things you should keep in mind when determining whether this is the right fit for you. You should not use this cellulite treatment if you:

  • Are pregnant or may become pregnant
  • Nurse or have plans to nurse
  • Have a bleeding problem
  • Have an allergy to collagenase

These criteria affect very few people, which means that you can safely use QWO under a variety of circumstances. 

How Long Does It Take to See Results? 

The results are not instant, but they begin to show up quickly when you get follow-up treatments. Individual results may vary, most patients will need three treatments 21 days apart.

Most people will see a noticeable improvement in the cellulite of their buttocks around the ten-week mark. 

While the full effects won’t be visible until the ten-week mark, many women report seeing changes within the first three weeks of their initial appointment. Your first cellulite treatment with QWO can yield results, but you will want to continue with the course of the treatment to receive the best outcome. 

How Long Do Results Last? 

Although this revolutionary cellulite treatment is well-researched and approved by the FDA, there are no conclusions on how long the results will last. Most women report that they enjoy the benefits of a QWO treatment for at least one year. However, many women report seeing the benefits for longer times.

The outcome and the longevity of the treatment will depend on the severity of your cellulite as well as how many treatments you had. During your consultation, we will be able to give you an estimate of how long your results will last based on the severity of your cellulite.

QWO Treatments for Reduced Cellulite

Are you tired of seeing the dimpling effect of cellulite on your backside? It’s time to take action and correct these cosmetic issues with a quick and easy QWO treatment. SculpMD is proud to offer this revolutionary treatment to our guests. Give us a call or visit our Havertown, PA, location to schedule your first session!