Restylane: The All-In-One Dermal Filler Collection

Jan 25, 2022

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Restylane: The All-In-One Dermal Filler Collection

Dermal fillers are cosmetic injectables that help add volume to your skin.

These treatments are great anti-aging tools for those who are experiencing loss of volume, elasticity, or smoothness in their skin. They’re quick, minimally invasive, don’t require any downtime, and the results are customizable. Plus, their effects can last up to a year!

One of the top dermal fillers on the market today is Restylane fillers.

Restylane Fillers

Restylane is a collection of dermal fillers used as aesthetic treatments for the face and hands.

After growing considerably in popularity over the years, Restylane is now considered to be the #1 injectable in the world.


Restylane is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is a compound that naturally occurs in your body. It’s most densely found in the fluids in your eyes and joints.

Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in keeping your skin smooth. This is because it’s able to bind together large amounts of water molecules. Hyaluronic acid is a key player in the tissue repair process in your skin.

When injected into your skin via Restylane fillers, hyaluronic acid produces an immediate volumizing effect. During your Restylane procedure, you will see instant results as your skin appears plumper and smoother than before.

This is because when your skin has the hydration it needs, it’s able to appear healthier, with a fuller and more elastic texture.


Another crucial element to having healthy, youthful, smooth skin is collagen.

Collagen is an essential protein, representing a whopping 30% of the overall proteins found in the human body.

Collagen is involved in many different systematic functions of the human body, including tissues and organs. In your skin, collagen helps with tightness, firmness, elasticity, and renewal.

Although collagen is constantly produced in the human body, once you hit your 30s, it starts to deplete. As you continue to age, it becomes more difficult for your body to produce collagen, and your supply becomes steadily weaker.

Restylane doesn’t create collagen itself, but it does help stimulate your body to produce collagen. This is where hyaluronic acid comes into play.

When Restylane is injected into the skin, you’re delivering hyaluronic acid directly into the treated area. The presence of new, robust hyaluronic acid feeds collagen proteins and helps your body produce even more collagen than before.


Restylane Refyne is one of the newest additions to the Restylane collection. It was manufactured specifically for the treatment of smile lines, also known as marionette lines.

These are the lines that run from the corners of your lips down toward the chin.

The reason this area of the face requires a special formula is because of how much natural movement the lower half of your face does. Every time you talk, smile, laugh, frown, eat, drink, and so on, the muscles and skin around your mouth and chin move.

In order to maintain a natural (yet youthful) appearance, you need a flexible filler for these areas.

Restylane Refyne offers flexibility while filling in mild to moderate lines and wrinkles.


Restylane Defyne is like Restylane Refyne’s big sister. Both of these formulas were specially created for your lower face.

Restylane Defyne is slightly different from Refyne because it treats more severe lines.

Both Refyne and Defyne are long-lasting fillers, with results lasting up to 12 months.


The older you get, the more your skin begins to droop. This happens for a couple of reasons – namely, declining levels of skin nutrients like collagen and elastin and good old gravity.

One of the most notorious culprits for drooping facial areas is the cheeks.

When your cheeks droop, they create a sagging, tired facial appearance. They also overemphasize lines and wrinkles in the lower part of your face.

Restylane Lyft has a more structured formula than some of its counterparts so that it can actually uplift your cheeks. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in the contouring of your cheeks and jaw. You’ll also notice a reduction in the appearance of your nasolabial folds, which are the lines from your nose to your mouth.

Although the formula is structured for facial contouring, it still works well in the more flexible areas of your face, such as the delicate skin around your mouth. This means that Restylane Lyft can also treat smile lines.

Another way Restylane Lyft helps contour your face and makes it appear to be more youthful is by filling in lost volume around your temples.

Restylane Lyft is commonly known as the “non-surgical nose job” filler because it can help fill in uneven structures in your nose. This treatment doesn’t actually make your nose smaller, but it can improve the smoothness and overall framework of your nose by making it look straighter.


Restylane Kysse is another newer formulation designed specifically for natural-looking volume and flexible movement in your lips.

Unfortunately, even your lips are victims of the aging process. As you age, your lips tend to lose color, volume, and elasticity. Restylane Kysse not only adds volume to your lips and smooths lip lines, but it also enhances lip color!

Restylane Kysse is buildable, so you can craft the appearance you want with precise, targeted results.


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